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USP 800 deadline one year away


Healthcare facilities that have yet to comply with the new United States Pharmacopeia (USP) General Chapter <800> have one year left to meet the requirements of the new standard. USP <800> provides the first enforceable standards to minimize healthcare workers' risk of exposure to harmful materials in pharmacies and takes effect Dec. 1, 2019.


IMEG is providing engineering design and services for numerous USP <800> projects throughout the U.S., many of which are currently under construction. Clients include Kaiser Permanente, UCLA Medical Center, University of Wisconsin Health, and Mayo Health.


“Early planning on compounding room sizes is critical to allow for optimal diffuser, light, and hood layout and coordination,” said IMEG Senior Engineer Steve Mumm. His team has designed six USP <800> projects to date, including the UW Health Shared Services Pharmacy in Madison, WI, which has three non-hazardous and two hazardous compounding rooms.


Managing Principal Qeumars Mazloomian has led multiple USP <800> projects at Kaiser Permanente hospitals, including the Woodland Hills (CA) Medical Center pharmacy renovation. The main goal of the project was to maintain the proper pressure relationship between the pharmacy spaces with a very close tolerance and maintenance cleanness level of ISO-7. To do this, Mazloomian’s team redesigned the air distribution system, improving pressure control and monitoring.


IMEG engineers across the U.S. are knowledgeable in the requirements of USP <800> and have relevant project experience to help owners make decisions for upgrading their facilities. For more information on compliance with the new standard, watch this presentation or contact these IMEG healthcare design experts: