Street Improvements and Realignment

Illinois Route 2 (South Main) Realignment (Cedar to Chestnut)

IMEG provided engineering design services, including a preliminary phase I study and intersection design study, for improvements to South Main Street (Cedar Street to Chestnut Street) to modify the alignment of Illinois Route 2. The changes make it possible to add a large hotel in downtown Rockford.


Engineers provided a topographic survey and right-of-way plats, traffic counts, and a traffic study. IMEG also prepared phase II plans and specifications, and conducted a Phase III construction inspection. The scope included modifying Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) plans, specifications, and traffic management plan. The scope also included preparing City of Rockford Phase II plans and specifications for their portion of South Main improvements, using IDOT standards for motor fuel tax improvements.


This fast-track project had a relatively short turnaround time. The project’s design phase began in spring 2014, with construction completion required by December 2015. The entire project involved several steps that included a traffic study, design and planning phases, approval from city government, the contract process, obtaining permits, and actual construction work. It required removing the old street and a section of Wyman Street – then rebuilding. The project finished on schedule in November 2015.


Rockford, IL



Civil, Site Development