IMEG is building a global reputation for engineering services that make our customers' lives easier. We provide a wide range of leadership expertise in building systems, infrastructure, and construction-related services.


Experts in the field of sustainability, IMEG is ranked among the top greenest design firms in the U.S. and is one of the foremost experts in geothermal technology, having engineered the two largest lake-coupled geothermal systems in the world. Our innovative and energy-efficient designs have resulted in three international ASHRAE Society Technology Awards, the highest awards in the mechanical engineering field. A leader in high-performance design, IMEG also participated in the development of the new ASHRAE 90.1 energy standards released in 2010, requiring a 30% increase in energy efficiency above today’s standards and the basis for nearly all energy codes in the United States. We are proud adopters of the 2030 Architecture Challenge and members of the USGBC.