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KJWW receives Design Assistance Award


Thu, January 21, 2016


KJWW's Madison office is one of nine Wisconsin organizations to be recognized with a 2015 Design Assistance Program Award from Focus on Energy, Wisconsin utilities’ statewide program for energy efficiency and renewable energy. Each winner’s dedication to energy efficiency has helped Wisconsin use less energy through efficient design choices.


The Design Assistance Program works with architects, engineers and builders early in the design process so that energy efficiency is incorporated early. The awardees were formally recognized Nov. 5 at the USGBC-Wisconsin Transformation event.


“On behalf of the Focus on Energy team, we congratulate all of the organizations who are being honored with a 2015 Design Assistance Program Award,” said Paul Van de Sand, Program Lead for Focus on Energy. “We hope their efforts will inspire other building designers to continue to guide their clients toward smart energy choices and take advantage of Focus on Energy’s technical expertise and incentives.”


For more information on Design Assistance for new construction and major renovation during building design, visit the Focus on Energy website.